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Monday, April 23, 2007


Carrying a camera can be really useful.

It may be difficult to describe how big a slip is, or even it's location, but a quick photo keeps everybody happy.

A problem uncovered when digging up the road can be recorded, in case something needs to be done then, or later.

Also of course accidents. We record the where, what, & when. But you can't beat a photo.

Of course there is always the possibility of a zillion dollar paparazi shot, the Pope chasing a nude Britney Spears down the road would do nicely, but a member of the Royal Family face down in the mud would do at a pinch.

I now have a pretty vast collection of "run of the road" shots, boring to most, but often valuable to us.

It also gives me an easy diary record.

Find the photo and I know when it was taken.

I've won a beer or two this way ....

Over time, I've noticed more cameras being used by the Company.

I better get a longer lens ....

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