Rest Area 300m: A Bum Steer

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Bum Steer

Head Office is putting on the pressure.

We have been toiling away rearranging the potholes before winter really sets in.

I have been working with another crew for the last week, and yesterday my normal workmates tried to con me into going to a truck accident on State Highway 4.

It was getting cold, and no way did I feel like a late night, so I told them I was on vitally important pothole installation work, and wished them well.

There was a good chance of an early day...

NZ Herald
"One person has been hurt after a stock truck rolled, spilling cattle onto State Highway 4 in the Waikato.

Police said the truck crashed about 1.30pm, just south of Tikitiki Road near Kopaki, about 22km south of Te Kuiti.

The driver of the truck was unhurt and no other cars were involved.

However, one member of the public was hurt by one of the animals, which pushed him through a fence, police said.

Some cattle had been killed or injured.

The highway is blocked and diversions are in place at Pukerimu Road to the north and Aratoro to the south."

It seems that it was a Stock truck's trailer that went over, and one of our Ruapehu based workers was chased up a bank and pushed through a fence by a very pissed off Steer. He was bruised and battered but O.K.

Meanwhile I toiled on.

I passed them coming back, as I finally headed home.

In the dark, and very late ...


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