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Friday, May 18, 2007


Now and then, after an accident, some smart character will blame "road conditions" as a cause.

True, sometimes a rogue pothole, or other problem may be to blame.

Usually though, it is the last excuse of an inattentive, or speeding driver.

You don't want to try it on our patch.

I usually take photo's of the road around an accident scene, mostly because I too, am interested in the cause.

Obviously it is also a good idea to have some record.

We also check the road for oil/diesel spills etc, as a matter of routine.

So when some insurance company suddenly tries to lay the blame for a truck accident a year or more ago,on our road.
(as has just happened)

They get a set of A4 glossy incriminating pics, skid marks and all, showing what happens when you drive into a corner at a lunatic speed.

I just wish I could see their faces when the photos are produced ...

Of course it pays to know what you are doing ....

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