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Thursday, September 28, 2006


This truck got stuck in the Awakino Tunnel this afternoon.

The rear container on his trailer jammed against the tunnel roof in one corner.

We got it out by chaining it securely and then using brute force.

It had also slid back on the trailer, and dropped a side over the tray.

I lifted it by sliding my tray under it, and then lowering it, so it acted like a big crow bar

We then cunningly pulled it sideways with the winch and a snatch block.

We chocked it up, and I pushed it back into position again, using the sliding tray.

Traffic had soon banked up, while the tunnel was blocked, and for the second time on the road, I managed to hold up the Minister for Transport Safety.

I had hoped for a little heart to heart chat about Roadworkers remuneration to a captive audience, but in the commotion he escaped...

Though I might have to re-think my tunnel widening odds ...

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