Rest Area 300m: School Holidays

Sunday, October 01, 2006

School Holidays

We are not too keen on school holidays.

There is a lot more traffic.

Most of it unfamiliar with our roads.

You can come barrelling around a corner and there is a car stopped halfway across the road while little Johnny is being violently car sick.

Litter abounds. Takeaway wrappings and pie bags.

The rubbish bins in the rest areas fill in hours, rather than days.

On the Stop/Go you can sense the stress in those waiting cars.

Now for the good news.

The construction season starts this week.

There will be roadworks springing up everywhere, as the "2006 Dig Up The Road, Traffic Congestion Scheme" swings into action.

Sit back and watch your tax dollars at work.

Survival Tip...

If you are stuck for ages at roadworks, you could eat the kids...

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